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Danielle Oliveira, a sergeant with the New Jersey Attorney General's Office of Public Integrity and Accountability, during her arrest in Wildwood on September 24. (Photo: Wildwood Police Department via BreakingAC).

Sergeant with Office of Public Integrity and Accountibility charged with trespassing (Updated)

Danielle Oliveira arrested on her 33rd birthday at a bar in Wildwood

By David Wildstein, October 17 2022 10:30 am

A sergeant for the New Jersey Attorney General’s Office of Public Integrity and Accountability was arrested in Wildwood last month on charges of criminal and defiant trespass after being kicked out of a bar.

An allegedly intoxicated Danielle L. Oliveira was charged on September 24 – her 33rd birthday – with attempting to sneak into a bar after she had already been kicked out.  She identified herself to local police as working for New Jersey State Police and was arrested only after she had already been to leave Keenan’s Irish Pub several times.

“What PD do you work for?” a Wildwood police officer asked her.

“State,” Oliveira responded.

Oliveira, a Martinsville resident, is part of a unit that investigates police shootings in New Jersey.   BreakingAC.com reported that Oliveira told police she had left the bar after a report of a police shooting in New Jersey – there were none reported that day – and returned when she found out that she was not needed to respond.

Another attorney general’s office investigator, Lt. Cortney Lawrence, was with Oliveira and signed her out of the police station after being told that “someone sober has to sign her out.”

Lawrence also told police officers that Oliveira had “four grand” in her purse.

Oliveira is set to appear in court on July 25.  She is represented by Timothy R. Smith, a former police union president.

“Ms. Oliveira is the victim of a false arrest stemming from a legally defective charging document.  Irrefutable video footage confirms this.  There thus exists an obligation on the part of the prosecutorial authority assigned to screen this case to ensure its swift and summary dismissal in the interests of justice,” Smith said.  “At that time, Ms. Oliveira will be owed an apology from those responsible for the creation of this injustice.”

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