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Podcast host and NJ-4 candidate Mike Crispi. (Photo: Mike Crispi).

Onetime freeholder candidate gets national podcast deal

By Nikita Biryukov, June 24 2021 10:37 am

A former Morris County freeholder candidate’s podcast is going nationwide.

Mike Crispi, a Republican who ran for county office in 2017, signed a deal with Right Side Broadcasting to take his podcast, Red White & Truth, to a broader audience.

“Right Side Broadcasting is amazing,” said Crispi “They gained national notoriety from their on-the-ground work covering the last five years five years of the national conservative movement. Right Side was at all the White House and conservative grassroots events that the mainstream media did not bother to cover,” he said. “This partnership will be something special and I’m fortunate to be working alongside such a great network.”

He finished a distant fourth in his Republican primary for freeholder, winning just under 8% of the vote. Heather Darling, who is now Morris County Surrogate, placed first with 32%, while former Freeholder David Scapicchio got 31%.

Harding Township Committeeman Nicolas Plat got third with about 29%.

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