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US. Capitol in Washington, D.C. (Photo by Gage Skidmore).

Statements on new congressional district map

By David Wildstein, December 22 2021 11:02 am


“This new Congressional map negotiated by our Democratic commission delegation and Justice Wallace meets the principles that we aspired to at the outset of this process and ensures that we have fair districts that will enhance minority representation and accurately reflect the partisan and demographic composition of our state. This map sets us on a path to victory in 2022 and our New Jersey Democratic State Committee will now shift our focus to working closely with each of our congressional campaigns to build capacity, connect with voters and bring out the support needed to win these seats and help Democrats hold the majority in the House of Representatives. I would like to thank all the members of our delegation and professional staff for their dedication to our party and our values, and also thank Justice Wallace for once again showing the fair and even handed decision making that has marked his entire career.”

“I’m a fighter. I don’t shy away from challenges, I lean in. That’s the New Jersey spirit. If anything, these new lines have emboldened me in this fight to take back OUR Congress. It’s clear that the redistricting process has become about advancing the interests of power brokers and not about representing the patriots of New Jersey. There are conservatives in every single congressional district from Cape May to Sussex and we are assessing all of our options.  I’m not going anywhere. New Jersey’s best days are ahead.”


“On the heels of an election in which Republicans saw historic gains in the State House and a margin that was too-close-for-comfort in the gubernatorial race, the Democrats on the Redistricting Commission decided to circle the wagons in protecting their own. Tie-Breaker Chairman Wallace ignored basic facts and voted strictly on partisan lines. Instead of choosing a map with multiple, fairly drawn competitive districts, the Commission through this nakedly partisan gerrymander has undermined the basic tenets of our representative democracy.  Over the last ten years, Republicans in New Jersey normally win nearly 45% of the congressional vote in federal election years, and yet this partisan map was engineered by Democrat operatives to attempt to ensure Republicans only hold 25% of the seats in Congress in 2023 and beyond. Make no mistake though, through their horrific policies, inflationary spending and failed leadership, Congressional Democrats have ensured they are all vulnerable this November, and the New Jersey Republican Party will fight for every vote and every seat in Congress.”


“I am excited by the new map approved by the New Jersey Congressional Redistricting Commission. I am announcing today that I will run hard to continue representing all the great people in the Ninth Congressional District.

“We have been blessed to occupy one of the most vibrant and diverse districts in the entire United States. The modified Ninth District remains a melting pot of culture and a kaleidoscope of the American Dream. The Ninth District is my home. I am a proud son of Paterson, Passaic County, and North Jersey who has never left our home. An overwhelming 83% of our district remains exactly the same. Some added towns were part of our district before the last redistricting a decade ago. While I know intimately our Passaic, Bergen and Hudson County communities, I will work assiduously to meet all our new neighbors and learn the needs, hopes, and dreams of our new cities and towns. They will have a tireless champion of their interests in Bill Pascrell. Our team will be at their disposal immediately. And the countless friends we have made in the communities leaving the Ninth District have given me the energy to do the job every day. They will always remain our friends and a part of our family and I am so proud of the achievements we won together.

“The challenges of our time are titanic and demand fearless leadership. Every day I go to work to deliver for our communities, to stand up to the powerful, and to protect the United States of America. I fight ferociously for our state to get us the support and the respect we deserve. I was in the House chamber on January 6, 2021. The broken glass cracked under my shoes as I went to ratify the Electoral College for President Biden. This is not exaggeration: the threat to our democracy today is greater than at any moment since 1860. You can either retreat or join the fight. I never retreat. I am staying to fight.

“I will run for this seat with every fiber in my body to keep the trust of our current neighbors and earn the trust of our new neighbors. I cannot wait to get started.”


“Tom Malinowski has repeatedly betrayed the public trust at a time when our state needs a Congressman and a Congress who will work for all of us.  I am running for Congress because I want my daughters and their generation to have the same opportunities that my generation had.  We need to rebuild a strong American economy that will once again be a leader in the world and fight to get New Jersey its fair share to prosper in the future.  Together, we can get our country on the right path, and New Jersey can lead the way.”


“I want to thank Justice Wallace, Democratic Chairwoman Janice Fuller, and all members of the Redistricting Commission for their hard but necessary work to develop a fair district map that embraces the diversity of New Jersey. Their commitment to an open process and holding more public hearings than ever before should be applauded. In the wake of the United States Supreme Court striking down portions of the Voting Rights Act and Republican-run states adopting partisan gerrymandered maps that disenfranchise minority voters, Justice Wallace and the Democratic commissioners should be praised for their commitment to adopt a map that recognizes New Jersey’s diversity by preserving and strengthening the voices of African Americans, Latinos, and people of Asian American Pacific Islander descent. This map gives New Jersey voters a fair chance to choose a member of Congress that best represents their community, not just for this next election but for the next decade.  I am excited to run in the new 6th Congressional District in 2022 and beyond and look forward to continuing to represent the residents of the district to deliver real results that make a positive difference in people’s lives.”


“The congressional map adopted by virtue of Judge Wallace’s tie breaking vote today is clearly bad for our state. Following a year where NJ Republicans won nearly half the popular vote statewide, 8 new legislative seats, and over 100 local offices the decision to lock in a map for the next 10 years that overwhelming advantages Democrat candidates is an affront to both democracy and common sense.  But, just like Republicans did in districts, counties, and towns this year, we can defy the odds and win with better candidates and a common sense, mainstream message that offers a stark contrast to extreme Democrats and their tone deaf policies.”


“With President Biden’s approval tanking and inflation on the rise, Josh Gottheimer had no choice but to beg his allies on the Redistricting Commission to bail him out with a grossly gerrymandered map.  But if Gottheimer and his cronies thought they could intimidate me from running, they were dead wrong. I am running, and I will win.  The Democrats’ radical agenda of higher taxes, reckless spending, defunding the police, and silencing parents will not succeed anywhere in America—and least of all in a district that saw Jack Ciattarelli run neck-and-neck with Phil Murphy despite being massively outspent.  Home is always worth defending. Just as I fought against our nation’s enemies overseas, I will continue to fight here to preserve and protect this country for my children and all future generations of Americans.”


“I applaud the Commissioners on both sides for their commitment to this process, for the additional public hearings held both virtually and in person, and the time and thoughtfulness put forth to achieve a map that represents the spirit of the Voting Rights Act and our Constitution for representation for all New Jerseyans.  I want to thank Justice Wallace for his astute considerations when weighing what was before him as well as Chairwoman Fuller for holding the line on representation.  I’ve been blessed to serve NJ12 for six years and look forward to continuing this service. This map presents an opportunity for me to broaden the work I’ve been doing in Somerset County and diligently serve those constituents.   New Jersey continues to be a model for upholding the tenants of fair representation.”


“Since I first took the oath of office, I have worked to serve all residents in the 11th District. That commitment to the people of the district, both current and new, remains the same. Our mission is to make New Jersey more affordable, to strengthen our democracy, and to build a better future for our state. I am incredibly excited to continue our work and deliver for North Jersey.”

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