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Former New Jersey Superior Court Judge Philip Carchman. (Photo: New Jersey State Bar Association).

Carchman says first round of legislative maps will be released on Monday

Redistricting tiebreaker pushed for blind submissions of starting point maps to ‘prompt public comment’

By David Wildstein, February 02 2022 12:42 pm

The tiebreaker on the legislative redistricting commission announced that he will release two proposed maps – one submitted from each party – on February 7 so the public will have an opportunity to comment.

But Philip J. Carchman, a retired appellate court judge who is the court-appointed 11th member of the Apportionment Commission, says that the two parties have agreed not to publicly identify the author of the map.

“I do not want the maps to contain partisan labels,” he said.  I want to eliminate any bias that could be attached to a partisan designation.”

Still, it will be improbable that the two parties will avoid the public identifying the party affiliation of the two maps.

“I add a cautionary note,” Carchman said.  “As I advised the parties, I do not expect these maps to be the final maps but hope that these maps will prompt public comment, recommended changes and discussion, which will prove helpful in making appropriate adjustments to move us forward to final a final map to be adopted by the Commission.”

Carchman said he doesn’t think either of the submissions will be final maps, but said he hopes they prompt public comment that could result in recommended changes.

“The publication of these maps should make us all proud of what New Jersey has achieved so far to garner public participation,” he said.  “The commission serves the public, and the publication of these maps will assist us all in fulfilling our constitutional charge.”

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