Political Power List for 2018, New Jersey Globe

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Donald Scarinci, Angelo Genova, Ed Oatman, Scott Rudder

Donald Scarinci
Founding Partner, Scarinci Hollenbeck
THE INTELLECTUALLY GIFTED Democratic power lawyer represents
over 120 different government entities, controls a federal
super PAC, and has relationships up and adown the state.

Angelo Genova
Partner, Genova Burns
WHEN IT COMES to election law, there is nobody in
New Jersey with more gravitas and institutional
knowledge in New Jersey, and he’s leveraged that skill
to build a supremely powerful North Jersey law firm.

Ed Oatman
Union County Manager
ONE OF Nicholas Scutari’s top political lieutenants,
the veteran operative and legislative staffer now runs
Union County government day-to-day.

Scott Rudder
President, New Jersey
CannaBusiness Association
THE FORMER assemblyman heads a business trade group
that is, right now, more powerful that the Chamber of
Commerce. It is, to paraphrase Biden, a big $@#%’ing deal.

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