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Jorge Aparicio. (Photo: Facebook).

Springfield GOP candidate faces calls to drop out after offensive Facebook posts discovered

By Joey Fox, October 08 2021 3:56 pm

Union County Democrats are calling for Jorge Aparicio, one of two Republican nominees for Springfield Township Committee, to drop out after a slew of sexist and terroristic Facebook posts from this spring and summer were uncovered.

Among the posts Democrats highlighted were one from May that called critically injured British activist Sasha Johnson a “racist c**t,” and another that questioned whether Secretary of Energy Jennifer Granholm was “retarded.” Other posts implied terroristic violence against the U.S. government and sexual violence against women.

“This is yet another disturbing reminder that dangerous right-wing extremism exists within our communities, and it’s incumbent on every responsible citizen to call it out whenever it surfaces – especially when it is so sexist and grotesquely violent in nature,” said State Sen. Nicholas Scutari (D-Linden), who also serves as chairman of the Union County Democratic Committee. “I call on the Republican Party to act immediately. This person should never have been placed on the ballot.”

Neither Aparicio nor his running mate Jerry Fernandez were initially the Republican Party’s choices in the township, which voted for Joe Biden by 23 points. The pair were selected by the Springfield Republican Committee as replacements for David and Cindy Salcfas, who withdrew for personal reasons.

Springfield Mayor Chris Weber and Deputy Mayor Alex Keiser questioned how Aparicio could have ended up on the ballot in light of the recent and readily accessible posts.

“After reviewing social media posts made by Mr. Aparicio, we doubt the judgment of Chairman Jerry Fernandez and the fitness for office of Mr. Aparicio,” Weber and Keiser said in a joint statement. “Simply filling a ballot with any person available is insulting to the residents and dangerous to the township as a whole.”

As Democrats pointed out, Aparicio is the second Union County Republican candidate in as many election cycles to come under fire for offensive social media posts. Jesse Wilson, a candidate for Garwood Council last year, shared content from white supremacist accounts and used racist stereotypes to mock Black Lives Matter protesters.

“Here we go again… We take no pleasure in pointing out the dangerous backgrounds of local candidates, but if we don’t then who will?” asked Assemblywoman Linda Carter (D-Plainfield). “The Republicans do not seem to screen their own bench of candidates.”

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