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Ocean Gate Mayor Paul Kennedy. (Photo: Facebook).

Prosecutor: Mayor admitted stealing parking meter money, pocketing sale of borough property

Kennedy accused of selling municipal vehicles and depositing proceeds in his own bank account

By David Wildstein, March 21 2022 2:30 pm

Allegations that  Ocean Gate Mayor Paul Kennedy stole parking meter revenue and for selling town property and keeping the money came from the local police department, according to a criminal complaint filed by the Ocean County Prosecutor.

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Kennedy, who is up for re-election this year, admitted his role in the theft, according to Lindsay Llauget, a detective for the prosecutor’s office.

“Kennedy admitted to taking these checks and putting them into his own personal checking account,” Llauget said in a complain she signed. “He confirmed he used the funds for his own personal expenses. He was also still in possession of the money from the kiosk.”

The complaint shows that prosecutors executed a search warrant against him, that cash was recovered, and that he made statements or admissions that were recorded by a “stationhouse interview camera room.”

“Kennedy was also responsible for collecting the money from the parking meters in town. The meters operate between May and September,” said Llauget.  “Kennedy had not deposited the most recent collection from the kiosk and was still in possession of the change.”

Kennedy is charged with selling a 2008 Honda Pilot owned by the borough in a 2017 auction on a website called GovDeals.com.  and then depositing a $6,021 check into his personal account.  Kennedy is accused of having the check mailed to his own post office box.  He also received checks totaling $2,506 and $1,119 in 2019 for other municipal vehicles he sold.

According to the complaint, the probe revealed that the “back of the check was endorsed and deposited into a TD Bank account which was found to belong to Paul Kennedy.”

He also sold a $250 conference table owned by Ocean Gate on a Facebook Marketplace account that belonged to his wife.

Kennedy has been suspended from his job as a carpenter for the County of Ocean, but he remains as mayor.

It’s not clear whether Kennedy is still collecting parking meter money himself.

“We don’t collect meters until May 15,” said Ileana Gallipoli, an employee of the borough clerks office.  “There is no money until then.”

No court date has been set.

Reached by the New Jersey Globe, Kennedy declined to comment.

This story was updated at 4:19 PM. 

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