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Rahway mayoral candidate Casey Probus. (Photo: Casey Probus).

Probus announces Rahway mayoral campaign against incumbent Giacobbe

Mayor is seeking a second term after winning unopposed in 2018

By Joey Fox, March 22 2022 10:50 am

Union mechanic Casey Probus announced today that she will run for mayor of Rahway this year on the One United Rahway line, setting up a June Democratic primary against incumbent Ray Giacobbe, who is seeking a second term.

“My team and I will display the city finances transparently and detail a financial plan for the present and future,” Probus said in a statement announcing her candidacy. “Rahway needs to be more accessible, affordable, and viable for current residents and potential residents who want to call Rahway home, for entrepreneurs who want to initiate businesses here and for visitors of our great city.”

Giacobbe became mayor in January 2018, when the then-councilman was chosen to be interim mayor following the resignation of Mayor Samson Steinman. Giacobbe ran for a full term that year, and won both the Democratic primary and general election unopposed.

Earlier this month, Giacobbe announced that he would run for re-election alongside three incumbent councilmembers – Jeffrey Brooks, Joanna Miles, and Jeremy Mojica – on the 2022 Rahway Forward slate, which has been endorsed by the Rahway Democratic Committee. Probus said that the council candidates on her One United Rahway slate will be revealed “within the upcoming week.”

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