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Trenton City Councilman George Muschal. (Photo: George Muschal).

Outgoing Trenton councilman accuses candidates of lying about his endorsement

Muschal says he never backed Ugorji — and won’t

By David Wildstein, September 19 2022 10:13 am

A retiring Trenton city councilman has slammed one of the candidates seeking his South Ward seat, Evangeline Ugorji, for falsely claiming his endorsement.

“Candidate petitions are the first test any elected official must pass,” said Councilman George Muschal.  “We have learned how she employed a dishonest scheme to trick living voters into signing her petition by claiming that I officially endorsed her candidacy.  Her actions are an outrageous breach of public trust.”

Ugorji is in court today to defend allegations that she didn’t obtain enough signatures on her nominating petitions to qualify for the November ballot, including at least one signatory who died in 2016.

Muschal claims Ugorji told voters that she was his preferred successor while she was gathering signatures.

“I have never and will never endorse Evangeline Ugorji for any position that would require public trust,” Muschal stated.  In fact, based on personal interactions my wife and I have had with Ms. Ugorji, I urge residents of the South Ward to not support her candidacy”

The sometimes controversial longtime councilman said that “allowing lies to fester harms all of us.”

“I trust that residents of the South Ward understand exactly when someone is playing games with them,” said Muschal.  “Only fools believe someone who introduces themself with a lie.”

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