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Ocean County Republican Chairman George Gilmore on the night of his return to his part post on July 7, 2022. (Photo: George Christopher for the New Jersey Globe).

Murphy will name Gilmore to Ocean County Board of Elections today

Democrat Carolyn Magee will get Sussex election board seat

By David Wildstein, October 21 2022 9:32 am

Gov. Phil Murphy will appoint George Gilmore to serve as a commissioner of the Ocean County Board of Elections today, allowing the Republican county chairman to regain the seat he abdicated in 2019 following his conviction on federal tax-related charges.

Donald Trump resuscitated Gilmore on the final day of his presidency, pardoning the influential Ocean County GOP leader.

Gilmore reclaimed the county chairman post in July, defeating Sheriff Michael Mastronardy in a stunning political comeback.

Murphy will also name Carolyn Magee, to fill an open seat on the Sussex County Board of Elections.  A former Sussex Democratic vice chair, Magee previously served the years on the board.

Gilmore will replace Frank B. Holman III, who succeeded him as county chairman in 2019 and then assumed the open Board of Elections seat.  Holman did not seek re-election as county chairman and resigned from the election board a few days later.

The decision to appoint Gilmore effectively belonged to Gilmore.  In New Jersey, Board of Election members are appointed by county chairs, as long as the vice chair and state committee members sign off.  The governor’s nomination is merely a formality, although Murphy could have tested the law and challenged Gilmore’s qualifications to count votes based on his conviction.

Murphy chose not to make that an issue.

The move offers Murphy a path to communicate with a Republican county chairman in a county with three state senators.

All Board of Elections seats across the state will now be full in advance of Election Day, the New Jersey Globe has learned.

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