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Rockaway Township Councilman Jonathan Sackett. (Photo: Jonathan Sackett).

Morris Dems still don’t have opponents for Grossi, 26th district legislators

Sackett will run for county commissioner

By David Wildstein, March 19 2023 12:28 pm

Morris County Democrats held their convention on Saturday without picking candidates to run for county clerk or for the legislature in the 26th district.

But Democrats still have a week to recruit someone to run against Republican County Clerk Ann Grossi (R-Parsippany), or in the heavily Republican 26th, where State Sen. Joseph Pennacchio (R-Montville), and Assemblymen Jay Webber (R-Morris Plains) and Brian Bergen R-Denville) have GOP primary opponents. 

In the race for one county commissioner seat, Democrats found a potentially strong candidate in Jonathan Sackett, a veteran Rockaway Township councilman who won 46% of the vote as a candidate for mayor in a solidly Republican municipality last year.

Sackett wants to take on incumbent Tayfun Selen (R-Chatham Township).  It’s still not clear if Selen will face a primary fight with Paul DeGroot, the 2022 Republican candidate for congress in New Jersey’s 11th district.  Selen defeated DeGroot at the Morris GOP convention.

Democrats have not won a countywide election in Morris County since 1973, when 30-year-old Douglas Romaine unseated incumbent James Plante by about 400 votes in the anti-Republican Watergate wave election that year.    Morris County has not had a Democratic county clerk since before the Civil War. 

Grossi was re-elected in 2018 with 54% of the vote.


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