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Jill DeCaro. (Photo: Jill DeCaro.)

DeCaro will appeal decision to invalidate Old Bridge election results

Democrat asks judge to stay decision, which would allow her to be sworn in pending a decision by an appellate court

By David Wildstein, December 31 2021 2:20 pm

Democrat Jill DeCaro will appeal a judge’s decision to invalidate the results of a November 2021 election for the Old Bridge Township Council and has asked

Superior Court Judge Thomas Daniel McCloskey voided the election on Wednesday after finding the number of voters who received the wrong ballot exceeded DeCaro’s 11-vote victory over Republican incumbent Mark Razzoli.

McCloskey ordered a do-over election to be held on a still-undetermined date in 2022.

An attorney for DeCaro, Daniel Antonelli of Antonelli Kantor, has asked McCloskey to stay his ruling pending appeal.  That would allow DeCaro to be sworn in to the council seat within the next week

McCloskey found that the Statewide Voter Registration System didn’t properly follow boundaries set in the 2011 ward redistricting map put voters from the odd numbered homes on one side of Cymbeline Drive in Ward 2, and the even numbered homes on the opposite side of Cymbeline Drive residing in the Ward 4.

Discovery found that 27 voters were assigned the wrong ward and that 17 of those voters cast ballots in last month’s election.

“The Court must also consider the public interest at stake,” Antonelli wrote in his brief. “It would be contrary to the public interest for the candidates to spend time and money campaigning for a new election, and to force Middlesex County and its taxpayers to expend its resources, which are already strained because of the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, in preparing and executing an election that may not be necessary depending on the results of the appeal.”

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