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Millstone Township Committeeman Al Ferro. (Photo: Courtesy of Facebook)

Judge says Millstone GOP had authority to remove municipal chairman

By David Wildstein, June 02 2020 7:17 pm

A Superior Court Judge today upheld the Millstone Republican County Committee’s right to oust their municipal chair.

Judge Katie A. Gummer ruled that as long as a local party’s by-laws provided the option of removing their leader, the dismissal of Al Ferro as municipal chairman was legal.

“The by-laws are clear,” Gummer said.  “The committee has a statutory right to enact them, and having enacting them, have an obligation to follow them.”

The executive committee voted to get rid of Ferro in February, but he continued control the local party’s bank account and recruited candidates for local office.

He was not showing up to party meetings for three months, and talking about township personnel issues – he’s also a township committeeman –at GOP functions.

Ferro had argued that the Monmouth County Republican Committee had the right to pick the municipal chairman.

Gummer said she didn’t find Ferro’s defense “to be persuasive.”

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