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Rob Menendez, the son of U.S. Senator Bob Menendez, with Hudson County Democratic Chair Amy DeGise, at the opening of Rep. Albio Sires' campaign headquarters on Bergenline Avenue in West New York on September 15, 2018. (Photo: New Jersey Globe.)

Jersey City to add 50 county committee seats in 2021, projections show

Hudson County has gained nearly 74,000 new voters in last decade

By David Wildstein, April 22 2020 11:34 am

Hudson County is projected to add 61 new election districts in 2021, increasing the size of the Democratic and Republican county committees by 122 after new district lines are drawn by the Board of Elections.

Voting district maps can be the mothership of gerrymandering.  There are past examples akin to a new district going up one side of a street, turning left, crossing a street six  houses down, and specifically taking a targeted county committee member by taking them out of their current district and placing them in a seat occupied by another incumbent.

Jersey City will gain 50 county committee seats, about 41% of the total new seats in the county.  That would give Jersey City 412 total seats and 40% of all votes in an election for county chair.  That is about where Jersey City has been for the last decade.

Hoboken will pick up 28 seats, bringing the city to 108 votes.  That expands their impact on a county chair election from 9% to 11% of the total vote.

North Bergen will add 18 county committee votes and Union City will pick up 12.

Other projections: Weehawken and West New York will each gain six county committee seats, Bayonne and Secaucus will each add four seats, and Guttenberg will add two.  East Newark will remain the same at four seats, while Kearny will lose six seats and Harrison will lose two.

The Hudson County Board of Elections is expected to redraw election district boundaries next year.  Maps, often drawn in consultation with municipal clerks, are voted on by the six election board members – three from each party.  A tie is broken by the county clerk.

New Jersey provides one voting district for every 750 registered voters.  Election districts are sometimes adjusted, but state law freezes changes for the four years prior to a gubernatorial year, when new census data becomes available.

Hudson County has added 73,797 new votes since 2010.  Statistically insignificant and mildly interesting: Hudson has become slightly more Republican in the last decade.  In 2010, Democrats had a 55%-8% voter registration edge; now it is 52%-10%.

All Hudson county committee seats will be up in 2021 after some contests due to be held this year were postponed due to COVID-19.

In Hudson County, eight towns elect county committee for one-year terms: North Bergen (78 seats), Union City (74 seats), Kearny (60 seats), West New York (58 seats), Harrison (22 seats), Weehawken (20 seats), Guttenberg (12 seats)  and East Newark (4 seats).

Bayonne elects county committee for two-year terms in even-numbered years, so their seats were initially up in June.  Jersey City, Hoboken, and Secaucus also elects county committee to two-year terms, but in odd years – those seats were not up in 2020.

Hudson County Demcoratic Chair Amy DeGise is expected to seek re-election to a second term next year.

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