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Bayonne Mayor Jimmy Davis. (Photo: Jimmy Davis).

It’s official: Jimmy Davis re-elected Bayonne mayor

Avoids runoff with city council president after low-turnout race

By David Wildstein, May 17 2022 11:02 am

Bayonne Mayor Jimmy Davis has won re-election to a third term after the counting of provisional ballots in two wards on Tuesday morning give him enough of a cushion to avoid a runoff with his main challenger, City Council President Sharon Ashe-Nadrowski.

Davis had led Ashe-Nadrowski by 778 votes, 50.70%-42.73%, with a narrow 75-vote cushion to win the race outright instead of a June 14 runoff.

But counts of provision ballots in the first and second wards put Davis 105 votes in front of the magic 50% + 1 number, leaving no path to Ashe-Nadrowski forcing a runoff.

Two at-large council candidates on Davis’ slate, incumbent Juan Perez and newcomer Loyad Booker, have also won without a runoff.

Davis was elected in 2014, ousting incumbent Mark Smith by 406 votes in a runoff.

Turnout in the May 10 Bayonne non-partisan municipal election was around 10,000 votes, much less than the 17,000 cast in 1998 when Assembly Minority Leader Joseph Doria unseated the incumbent mayor, Leonard Kiczek.

Of the 288 provisional ballots cast on Election Day, 11 were voided and 21 were disqualified because the voter was not registered.

“Those 21 voters wouldn’t be unregistered if we had same-day registration,” Henal Patel, the director of the Democracy & Justice Program ant the New Jersey Institute for Social Justice, said on Twitter.  “These voters didn’t need to be disenfranchised.

A race for an at-large seat on the Paterson City Council is still too close to call.  Provisional and late-arriving vote-by-mail ballots will be counted on Wednesday.

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