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Hillside Councilwoman Andrea Hyatt. (Photo: Facebook).

Hyatt enters race for Hillside mayor

By David Wildstein, August 02 2021 3:20 pm

The field of candidates for mayor of Hillside grew by one today with the announcement that Councilwoman Andrea Hyatt will seek the post.

She will face incumbent Dahlia Vertreese and Councilwoman Nancy Mondella in the November non-partisan municipal election.

“As I walk and run through the township, everywhere I look I see promise. When I listen to the concerns of neighbors, and they share what Hillside ‘used to be’ I hear opportunity,” Hyatt said. “I envision a clean and safe Hillside where good government and transparency are the rule, not the exception and our greatest successes are achieved through collaborative efforts by individuals who prioritize and sincerely care about our community.”

Mondella entered the race last month with endorsements from State Sen./Democratic County Chairman Nicholas Scutari, State Sen. Joseph Cryan, and Union County Commissioner Angela Garretson.

Vertreese, a former school board president, was elected in 2017 after Garretson gave up her seat to run for county office.  She defeated Councilman Jorge Batista in a runoff election.

Hyatt is serving her second term on the township council and is a former council president.

“I have a better plan for Hillside,” she said. “I demonstrate leadership. I make hard and tough decisions and I believe that with the right combination of experience and dedication used by a team of individuals who care and are inspired; focused; and committed to the goal of achieving a better Hillside, our township can and will thrive.”

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