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Collingswood Democratic County Committeeman Chris Emrich. (Photo: Facebook.)

Democrats want committeeman who hinted at Trump assassination to resign

New Jersey Democratic Senator wants local and federal law enforcement to investigate Collingswood’s Chris Emrich

By David Wildstein, November 04 2020 1:25 pm

Camden County Democrats are calling on a county committeeman to resign after a tweet this morning is being interpreted as a threat against President Donald Trump.

Collingswood Democrat Chris Emrich weighed in on a Twitter thread addressing the failures of the Lincoln Project, which spent millions  to move moderate Republicans to Joe Biden.

‘Need a John Wilkes Booth project,” Emrich said.

State Sen. James Beach (D-Voorhees), the Camden County Democratic Chairman, wants Emrich gone.

“While we do not support President Trump or his disastrous administration, the idea that someone would apparently threaten the life of a sitting President, regardless of party, is unconscionable, dangerous, and antithetical to our democratic values,” Beach said.  “The disgraceful and dangerous tweet from Chris Emrich below in which he apparently calls for the assassination of Donald Trump exemplifies the dire state of American affairs and has no place in our Democratic Committee.”

Emrich did not immediately respond to a 12:56 PM phone message left with an employee at his law office.

Beach wants local and federal law enforcement “to investigate this apparent threat of violence towards the President.”

Emrich was elected to the Collingswood Democratic County Committee in 2019 when a rival slate of progressive activists defeated the organization-backed candidates in the primary election.

Democratic Municipal Chair Kate Delany said she had not seen Emrich’s tweet, but was suspect of Beach’s motivations.

“This is what Chairman Beach did after the last election.  He called for my resignation,” Delany said. “I would love to have a conversation with Senator Beach on ethics.

Delany said this was just a political play “to go after Collingswood.”

She accused Beach of being selective with his calls for resignations, noting that he never asked Lindenwold Councilman Joseph C. Strippoli to resign after he was accused of harassing a biracial couple who lived across the street from him.

Lindenwold paid $110,000 to settle a lawsuit filed by the couple in 2016.

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