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Trenton City Hall. (Photo: City of Trenton).

Counting votes in Trenton runoff set to resume today

By David Wildstein, December 20 2022 9:04 am

The Mercer County Board of Elections will meet this morning to count the remaining ballots in last week’s runoffs for North and South Ward seats on the Trenton City Council.

Jenna Figueroa Kettenburg has a 43-vote lead over Damian Malave in the South Ward, 309 to 266, and he path for Malave to win the race is extraordinarily narrow.   In the South Ward, Jennifer Williams leads Algernon Ward by 11 votes, 401 to 390, in an election that remains too close to call.

According to a request made under the state’s Open Public Records Law, there were 32 provisional ballot cast in the North Ward; of those, 6 have been cast and 25 show registration issues associated with the ballots.  In the South Ward, 5 of the 34 provisional were voided and 21 others have registration problems.

Six cure letters were sent out in the North Ward and six in the South Ward.

The New Jersey Globe OPRA request was made on December 14 and fulfilled on December 19.  Still, the Trenton/Mercer branch on Our Revolution, which is supporting Ward, had the ballot cure list five days ago, accoridng to posts they made on social meida.

Mercer County Counsel Paul Adezio did not release the count of vote-by-mail ballots that have arrived since Election Day.  Any ballots postmarked by 8 PM on December 13 will be counted.

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