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Jersey City Councilwoman Amy DeGise. (Photo: Kevin Sanders for the New Jersey Globe).

Amy DeGise receiving death threats over July hit-and-run accident

Jersey City Police are investigating and charges could be filed against Instagram users

By David Wildstein, August 03 2022 9:07 am

The Jersey City Police Department is investigation alleged death threats and online harassment aimed at Amy DeGise, a city councilwoman who was charged with a hit-and-run last month after she left the scene of a collision between her and a bicyclist who ran a red light.

“I hope they run over your kids u fuckin cunt bitch post,’ wrote Eduardo Garcia on Instagram.  “U need a bullet in your head.”  Garcia then attempted to make video and audio calls to DeGise.

An email sent from a Gmail account listed as “Dr. Keith,” to DeGise’s government email said, “You’re a joke.  Don’t you realize you like within arms reach of MANY violent gang members. You actually think your not going to receive retaliation???? You live in NJ dumbass.  Consequences are on their way…and don’t bitch or whine they arrive, you no account piece of shit.”

Liberalsnatcher, an Instagram account with just one follow, wrote DeGise,” You fucking whore.  Death is near.”

“Wish you got hit but got paralyzed from the head down so you have to deal with a fucked up democratic life you donkey ugly old ass bitch,” wrote an individual whose Instagram account is registered as Cooper Alterio.

Other Instagram posts were similar in tone.

“You fucking liberal cunt.  Hopefully someone will run over you and leave,” wrote an Instagram account from someone known only as “Hitch.”You fucking Devilcrats think you can get away with anything. I hope hey prosecute you and you rot in jail!!!”

Jeff Sellers, whose account is “6.5_shooter,” wrote to DeGise: “What a worthless CUNT you are for running over a cyclist and then leaving.  Karma will be knocking at your door and I pray it’s 10x worse.”

“Like many other women in the public eye, Councilwoman DeGise has been the victim of online harassment in the form of incredibly disturbing threats of violence and even death threats in recent days,” said DeGise spokesman Phil Swibinski.  “It is reprehensible for anyone to make these kinds of direct threats of violence and we hope that the perpetrators are prosecuted to the full extent of the law.”

DeGise called Jersey City police on Monday to report the threats.  Law enforcement has taken screenshots of harassing messages.

“This situation has created strong feelings in many people, but no one should condone these kinds of violent threats and this should be a reminder to everyone to tone down the rhetoric and refrain from inflammatory actions that could have real world consequences,” said Swibinski.

The July 19 incident has led to calls for her resignation.

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