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Jeff Grayzel

Wilson endorses Grayzel for Senate

By David Wildstein, March 14 2020 4:14 pm

Morris Township mayor Cathy Wilson has endorsed favorite son Jeff Grayzel for the Democratic nomination for State Senate in the 25th district.

“I think Jeff is the Dems best shot at beating Tony Bucco in November. Jeff is highly skilled at running an effective campaign. His experience with municipal governance is a huge asset,” Wilson said.

Grayzel, a three-term member of the township committee, won the endorsement of his hometown Democratic municipal committee last month.

The relationship between Grayzel and Wilson has been rocky at times.

In 2018, Wilson, then the Democratic municipal chairman, denied party support to Jeff Grayzel, the first Democrat to win a local election in Morris Township.

Running off the line, Grayzel (1,206) and Mark Gyorfy (1,186), a former aide to Rep. Albio Sires, defeated Daniel Falkner (1,156) and Tara Olivio Moore (1,101).

In the general election, Grayzel (5,273) and Gyorfy (5,141) defeated three-term incumbent Bruce Sisler (4,251) and Joseph Calvanelli (4,129).

That gave Democrats a 4-1 majority on the township committee and allowed them to control municipal government for the first time.

Grayzel served as mayor in 2019 and is currently the deputy mayor.

“I am honored to receive Mayor Wilson’s endorsement. Cathy has run numerous elections herself and knows what it takes to win an uphill Republican-leaning election as we face in Morris County,” said Grayzel. “Democrats need to nominate the candidate best suited to beat Tony Bucco in November. Because if we don’t defeat Bucco, then none of our Democratic platforms or positions will matter.”

Democrats will choose between Rupande Mehta, Cliff Dawkins and Grayzel in an online vote tomorrow.

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