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The chambers of the New Jersey State Assembly. (Photo: Kevin Sanders for the New Jersey Globe).

Statements on Coughlin’s Senior Property Tax Cut plan

By David Wildstein, May 25 2023 9:35 pm

AARP New Jersey Director of Advocacy Ev Liebman

“AARP’s mission is to empower people to choose how they live as they age, and an important part of choosing how we live is being able to choose and afford where we live.

“New Jersey homeowners and renters are feeling the strain of paying the highest property taxes in the nation – taxes that are interfering with our residents’ ability to age in their own homes. An overwhelming majority of older adults say they want to remain in their homes and communities. Yet, according to a 2022 poll commissioned by AARP, 42% of New Jersey’s older homeowners and 36% of renters have considered fleeing the state, with most giving property taxes as their top reason for leaving.

“New Jerseyans are also struggling to afford rising prices on everything from groceries to gas along with the highest drug prices in the world. No one should have to choose between paying for food and paying for the medications and the health care they need. AARP New Jersey commends Speaker Coughlin’s leadership and efforts to expand New Jersey’s pharmaceutical assistance and Medicare savings programs so more older residents have access to affordable health care.

“We applaud Speaker Coughlin’s long-time commitment and leadership in addressing New Jersey’s affordability crisis, including addressing our highest in the nation property taxes. We look forward to being part of the StayNJ conversation, working with the Speaker and Senate President Scutari, their colleagues in the Legislature, and the Governor on improving the financial and health security for older residents and making New Jersey a great place to grow up and grow older.”

Peter Chen, Senior Policy Analyst, New Jersey Policy Perspective“Lawmakers should be doing everything they can to help seniors keep up with rising costs, but this proposal would fall short by directing the biggest tax cuts to the wealthiest households while many low-income seniors would get nothing. With no income cap on eligibility, higher tax credits for more expensive homes, and no assistance for renters, it’s clear who this program would benefit and who it would leave behind. The program also comes at an enormous cost to the state, just as revenue collections are coming in lower than expected, putting funding for existing public programs and services that seniors rely on at risk.“Making New Jersey more affordable for seniors is a noble goal, but we’re not going to get there by giving the likes of Bruce Springsteen and Phil Murphy a $10,000 check. There are more effective and efficient ways to target relief to the seniors who are struggling the most with high housing costs, grocery bills, and prescription drug prices.”

State Sen. Brian P. Stack 

“Speaker Coughlin is right – we need to be there for seniors and their families struggling to afford to stay in our state. That’s why I support StayNJ. I speak to families every day who came to New Jersey to create a better future for their families. StayNJ is a fair plan for us to make that future a possibility and to make New Jersey not only the best place in America to grow up, get an education, and raise a family, but also a great place to retire.”

Assembly Speaker Pro-Tempore Benji Wimberly

“Too many seniors in New Jersey have been forced to sell their family homes or relocate to neighboring states because their fixed incomes could not cover the cost of remaining in their communities. StayNJ would help make our state more affordable for theses residents, keeping more money in the pockets of our seniors so they have the option to stay close to their loved ones.
“This investment will give seniors much needed relief from property taxes and enable more families to think about retiring in New Jersey. StayNJ builds on our work to make New Jersey a better, more affordable state for our residents.”

Assemblyman Brian Bergen

“Speaker Coughlin is being disingenuous with his proposal. He has no intention of doing it just like he has never had any intention of helping our disabled veterans.”

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