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State Sen. Kip Bateman (R-Neshanic Station).

Statements on the retirement of Senator Kip Bateman

By David Wildstein, January 27 2021 4:28 pm


“From the moment I first entered the NJ General Assembly in 2016, Kip Bateman welcomed me into the Legislature with a focus on bipartisanship that focused on the people of the 16th Legislative District instead of politics. I will always be grateful to Senator Bateman for his service to our constituents and for his sustained leadership on environmental priorities. I wish him the best in his retirement from the legislature.”


“It has been my pleasure to serve alongside Senator Bateman, and his father before him. Their family has been friendly with our family for years; no one cares which party they were part of. He was a good steward of the seat, and worked hard for the good of his constituents. New Jersey is a better place because of Kip’s service in the Legislature. I wish him the best and we will be seeing him down the road for sure.”


“Few have served the people of Somerset County, the 16th Legislative District, and New Jersey as steadfastly and earnestly as Senator Kip Bateman — continuing his family’s generational commitment to public service. It was my great honor to serve with Kip in the Legislature, and to run along side him in hard fought races. I wish he, and his family, all the best as they enjoy this much deserved retirement from elected office.”


“Senator Kip Bateman has been a great friend and role model to me throughout my tenure in the Assembly. I have always admired his effortless ability to cross the aisle to get things done for the betterment of New Jersey residents — and for this, he is widely respected in all circles. He has been a steadfast partner in focusing on the people of the 16th District and I am grateful for his dedication to our constituents. I wish him health, happiness and success in his retirement from the legislature. He will be missed.”


“With over three decades of service to the people of New Jersey, I wish Kip the very best in his retirement. As much of a loss as this is for the Senate as an institution, I will forever be grateful for his tremendous work and his friendship to so many of us over the years.

“I know his contributions to our state, particularly his commitment to protecting our environment, will be felt for generations to come. I join countless New Jerseyans in thanking Senator Bateman for all he has done.”


“Senator Kip Bateman has been a true environmental champion in the New Jersey State Legislature. The NJ Sierra Club endorsed the Senator because of his commitment to keeping air and water clean and our open space protected. He was a key environmental vote on the Senate Environment Committee and kept many important issues bi-partisan. He not only co-sponsors critical bills but helps bills get through the Environment Committee without being weakened or blocked.  Many times, he has gone against other members of his party to protect the environment of our state and sometimes was the only Republican to do so.  We worked with the Senator on crafting and stopping legislation. With Senator Bateman leaving, we are concerned that the environment will no longer be a bipartisan issue.”

Senator Bateman is the ranking Republican in the Senate Environment Committee and has been instrumental on environmental legislation in the state. His record of dedication to promoting clean energy, open space preservation, and protection of New Jersey’s air and water quality makes him an environmental leader in New Jersey.

“Senator Christopher “Kip” Bateman has been a frontrunner in protecting New Jersey’s environment for many years. The Sierra Club in 2012 gave him our Achievement Award, which is our highest honor. We have endorsed Kip Bateman in every election since he first came into office. He is a Republican leader who believes in climate change and supports legislation to reduce greenhouse gases and promote green energy jobs. He has stood up to Governor Christie numerous times in protecting the environment and has voted against the Governor’s anti-environmental appointments to commissions.  We used to have a state Senate where some of the Republicans like Senator Allen, Senator Lance (when he was in the legislature), Senator Palaia, and Senator Sinagra were the environmental leaders. At one time there were 9 Republican Senators who stood up to Governor Whitman against budget cuts to protect the environment. Senator Bateman’s father, Ray was also responsible for creating the Delaware Canal Commission.”

“Kip has continuously fought for clean energy in New Jersey.  Senator Bateman has also been a strong advocate for preserving open space and helping to protect our coastal waterways from pollution from fertilizer and stormwater runoff. He has spoken at Sierra Club conferences on energy efficiency and opposes pipelines across the state. Kip Bateman has been a friend and ally to the Sierra Club and New Jersey’s environment for many years.  We will truly miss Senator Bateman however; we look forward to working with him during his last year at the statehouse.”

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