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Assemblywoman Jean Stanfield (R-Westampton). (Photo: Kevin Sanders for the New Jersey Globe)

Stanfield hits Addiego on party switch, claiming she abandoned principles

By Nikita Biryukov, February 02 2021 12:33 pm

Assemblywoman Jean Stanfield (R-Westampton) attacked State Sen. Dawn Addiego (D-Evesham) for blocking a GOP-backed bill that would authorize the Economic Development Authority to release another $300 million in small business aid.

“The state has hundreds of millions of dollars at its disposal to help these small businesses and struggling families, yet Senator Addiego and the Democrats would rather play partisan politics than help them in their time of need,” Stanfield said. “Dawn should explain why if she had an ‘R’ next to her name she would be a ‘Yes’ vote, but now with a ‘D’ next to her name she votes ‘No.’ It’s the very definition of putting your party before the people you represent.”

The motion for a vote on the measure, which is sponsored by every Republican in the upper chamber, was tabled in a 20-10 vote, with most of the Democrats present at last Thursday’s session voting against it.

Stanfield, a former Burlington County sheriff now seeking Addiego’s seat in the upper chamber, won her Assembly seat in 2019, after Addiego’s defection to the Democratic Party brought down former Assemblyman Joe Howarth (R-Evesham), who kept silent for two days following the senator’s party switch.

The silence fueled concerns among Republicans that Howarth was also looking to join his colleagues on the other side of the aisle. Stanfield won party support and a spot on the general election ballot, defeating Howarth’s off-the-line bid as a Trump Republican.

The senator is already facing Republican attacks over her defection, and those are likely to continue as the campaign wears on.

“When Senator Addiego switched parties last year, she claimed that her ‘core values … had not changed,’ but her voting record since proves otherwise,” Stanfield said. “By voting to block desperately-needed, emergency funding for small businesses and nonprofits struggling due to COVID-19 shutdowns, Senator Addiego shows she didn’t just abandon her party, she abandoned her principles too.”

Addiego did not immediately respond to a 12:15 a.m. call seeking comment.

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