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Senate Minority Leader Steve Oroho. (Photo: Kevin Sanders for New Jersey Globe).

Oroho launches bid for sixth term in N.J. Senate

Sussex Republican would likely be Senate President if GOP wins control in 2023 midterms

By David Wildstein, January 13 2023 2:17 pm

Senate Minority Leader Steve Oroho (R-Franklin) will seek re-election to a sixth term in a midterm election that could potentially propel him into the senate presidency if Republicans can pick up five seats under a more favorable legislative map.

“As the District 24 Senate representative as well as leader of the Senate Republican Caucus, I’ve been fighting Trenton Democrats’ bloated spending and progressive policies that make our state less affordable for families and hamper our personal rights. I’ve fought to cut government red tape to support our Main Street businesses, promote job growth, and create economic opportunity,” Oroho said in his announcement. “I ‘ve helped lead the fight to restore parental rights in education and to defend the constitutional rights of law-abiding citizens.”

Oroho became minority leader last year after Rep. Thomas Kean, Jr. (R-Westfield) declined to seek re-election in order to focus on his congressional bid.  He had previously served as Senate Republican Budget Officer.

So far, Oroho has no primary or general election opposition.

“If re-elected, I will continue to work hard for the people of the 24th legislative district and be the kind of representative they expect in Trenton,” he said.

Oroho had served on the Franklin Borough Councilman and as a Sussex County Freeholder before running for the State Senate in 2007 following the retirement of Robert Littell (R-Franklin).  Littell had served in the legislature for 40 years.

In that race, Oroho defeated Assemblyman Guy Gregg (R-Washington) in the Republican primary by 385 votes, 41%-49%.  Oroho ran with the endorsement of Littell and his wife, former GOP State Chair Virginia Littell.

The popular Oroho has had no difficulties in keep his Senate seat in what is probably the most staunchly Republican legislative district in New Jersey.  He defeated Bill Hayden, now a Sussex freeholder, in the 2017 primary with 74%, and Daniel Cruz, now a candidate for the 2024 GOP U.S. Senate nomination with 83%.

“After five years of Governor Murphy and two decades of full Democrat control of the Legislature, we have a state that is extreme in all the worst ways,” said Oroho. “We have the highest taxes, the most debt, and the worst business climate in the nation. We have rising energy bills that will soar for families and businesses under Governor Murphy’s absurdly expensive green energy plan.”

Oroho added, “We have pandemic learning loss and plunging test scores made worse by school funding cuts to hundreds of districts, many from my legislative district. We have ‘woke’ politics being injected into our classrooms and parental rights being stripped away. We have a massive expansion of abortion funding with tax dollars, including no-limits on abortions up until birth, with non-doctors performing them. We have criminals being freed, cops being handcuffed, and the 2nd Amendment rights of legal gun owners being attacked. If New Jersey voters give Republican legislative candidates the opportunity to lead, we will put an end to these extreme Democrat policies and get our state back on the right track.”

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