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Assemblywoman Nancy Muñoz. (Photo: Kevin Sanders for New Jersey Globe).

Muñoz decries capitol vaccine mandate

By Joey Fox, October 27 2021 4:46 pm

Assemblywoman and potential Assembly Minority Leader Nancy Muñoz (R-Summit) harshly criticized a new mandate voted into place yesterday that will require visitors to the state capitol complex to show proof of vaccination or recent testing.

​​“I object to any policy that further divides us and inhibits fair, equal and unobstructed access to the Statehouse,” Muñoz said. “Creating barriers is an insult to democracy.”

The measure, which passed along party lines in a commission vote, will also apply to legislators themselves. Muñoz, who is herself vaccinated and has long been a strong proponent of vaccines, nevertheless maintained that a vaccine mandate in the capitol is discriminatory and unjust.

“It is the people’s house, and unelected commissioners should not ignore legitimate concerns raised by Senate and Assembly Republicans standing up for the rights of people regardless of their politics, beliefs or positions,” she said.

Senate Republicans released a similar statement yesterday, saying that the new policy would “exclude the large segment of New Jersey society that is unvaccinated from the legislative process in a manner that could be perceived as deliberate.”

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