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Lynn Lofland. (Photo: Lynn Lofland).

Judge tosses Beach’s GOP opponent off the ballot

Lynn Lofland came up five signatures short after challenge

By David Wildstein, April 03 2023 11:00 am

Administrative Law Judge Edward J. Delanoy, Jr. tossed a Republican candidate for State Senate in the 6th district after Republican Lynn Lofland didn’t get enough signatures to qualify for a spot on the June primary election ballot.

Lofland, who was a no-show at a court hearing this morning, had filed a nominating petition with 100 signatures —  the minimum number required to get on the ballot.

A Democrat, Edward Bray, challenged six of Lofland’s signatures for not being registered to vote in the 6th legislative district.  Delanoy struck five of the, leaving Lofland five signatures short.

That will leave State Sen. James Beach (D-Voorhees) without a GOP opponent unless a Republican is able to win the primary as a write-in candidate in the primary.   A write-in candidate must obtain at least 100 votes.

Bray was represented by Michael Watson of Brown & Connery.

A public school teacher, Lofland has run unsuccessfully for local office in Clementon six times.

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