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Sussex County Commissioner Dawn Fantasia, left, and Chester Township Mayor Michael Inganamort. (Photo: Fantasia and Inganamort for Assembly).

Fantasia, Inganamort running together for open 24th district Assembly seats

GOP candidates announce endorsements from two Sussex commisisoners and Brian Bergen

By David Wildstein, January 18 2023 11:55 am

Sussex County Commissioner Dawn Fantasia and Chester Township Mayor Mike Inganamort have teamed up to seek two open State Assembly seats in the 24th legislative district where incumbents Parker Space (R-Wantage) and Hal Wirths (R-Wantage) are not seeking re-election.

“Assemblymen Space and Wirths have been courageous fighters for us,” Fantasia said.   “Mike and I are ready to carry the torch and protect who and what we love, and our special way of life in Sussex, Morris, and Warren Counties.”

Fantasia and Inganamort launched their campaigns with endorsements from County Commissioners Jill Space and Chris Carney.  Carney had mulled his own bid for an Assembly seat.

They also have the backing of Assemblyman Brian Bergen (R-Denville), who currently represents some Morris municipalities that were moved to the 24th after legislative redistricting last year.

“Holding the Democrats in Trenton accountable takes a lot of tenacity and teamwork, which is why we need conservative leaders Dawn Fantasia and Mike Inganamort in the Assembly,” Bergen said. “They know where they came from and they know where the State needs to go.”

Fantasia and Inganamort are facing a large field of contenders for two rare open seats, including Lafayette Board of Education President Josh Aikens, former Bogota Mayor Steve Lonegan, attorney Robert Kovic, and possibly Warren County Commissioner Jason Sarnoski.     Lonegan, who has run for the U.S. Senate, Governor and Congress, moved to Newton last year to see the safe Republican seat.

Morris and Warren counties have organization lines, while Sussex does not.

“Our state government has lost touch with reality,” said Inganamort.  “As a mayor and taxpayer, I see how the cycle of tax, borrow, spend is gouging New Jerseyans and literally splitting families apart.”

While he’s a Morris County mayor, Inganamort has close ties to Sussex.  He grew up in Sparta, where he was elected to the county committee at age 18 and spent ten years on the congressional staff of former Rep. Scott Garrett (R-Wantage).   After serving on the council, he was elected mayor in November, running unopposed.

“Growing up in Sussex County, Dawn and I saw first-hand that there is a better way. Cut taxes for every New Jersey family, fix the broken school funding formula, support struggling small businesses, back the blue and our volunteer first responders, and defend our Constitutional rights and freedoms in Northwest Jersey,” Inganamort stated.  “Our district needs conservative fighters who will clearly and unequivocally stop the far-left extremism coming out of Trenton. We cannot afford the alternative.”

Fantasia had served as Franklin Council President before winning a seat on the county commission.

“Northwest New Jersey faces unique challenges that the Murphy Administration consistently turns a blind eye to,” said Fantasia. “The state’s largest long-term care facility, its patients, and its staff – located in Sussex County – were criminally neglected by this administration during the pandemic, leading to scores of tragic deaths.”

Space said she was confident that Fantasia and Inganamort who show the kind of strong conservative leadership displayed by Wirths and her husband.

“Having run for office with Dawn Fantasia and now serving Sussex County alongside her, I know she has the commitment, the know-how, and the leadership to represent our district in Trenton,” Carney said.  “Sussex County Commissioner Director.  “Mayor Mike Inganamort has these same qualities and deep knowledge of our district.  I’m happy to support them both.”

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