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Assemblyman Brian Bergen (R-Denville).

Bergen seeks coronavirus tax holiday

Assemblyman: ‘Government can afford a loss of income more than our constituents’

By David Wildstein, March 13 2020 11:40 am

Freshman Assemblyman Brian Bergen (R-Denville) wants to end New Jersey’s sales tax to help business stay open during the coronavirus epidemic.

“The best way to help residents and businesses is to let them keep the money they have,” said Bergen.  “Revenues are strong for the state right now. Government can afford a loss of income more than our constituents, and those are the people we swore oaths to represent and protect to the best of our abilities.”

Bergen said he would introduce tax holiday legislation on Monday.

“People are being forced to stay home with their kids due to school closures and are losing income while bills add up, and small businesses are experiencing huge drops in sales but still need to pay rent and other expenses,” Bergen said.  “Providing a tax holiday is a solution that takes every individual scenario into consideration.”

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