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Sean Caddle. (Photo: Sean Caddle).

Sean Caddle sentencing postponed for three months

Ex-New Jersey political consultant who hired hitmen to murder a Jersey City man needs a new co-signed for his bond

By David Wildstein, March 14 2023 5:17 pm

Today, a federal judge pushed Sean Caddle’s sentencing for his role in a murder-for-hire scheme to June 29, the third delay since the ex-political consultant pleaded guilty in January 2022 to hiring two hitmen to murder Michael Galdieri.

Caddle has been under house arrest with electronic monitoring since his guilty plea.  He is cooperating with the U.S. Attorney’s office on a different investigation.

U.S. District Court Judge John Michael Vazquez ordered Caddle to meet with U.S. Probation officials on Thursday morning.

He also ordered Caddle’s attorney and prosecutors to confer on the issue of a new co-signor of a $1 million unsecured bond no later than next Tuesday.

While Vazquez’s order did not indicate a reason or the new co-signor, it could be related to the February 27 death of Caddle’s mother, Diane, in a car accident.

Bomani Africa, one of the hitmen, was sentenced to 20 years in prison.  The other, George Bratsenis, is scheduled to be sentenced on March 29.

Caddle’s brother, who had been in prison with Bratsenis, introduced the two.  They met for dinner at Caddle’s home to discuss the plan.  In their letter to Vazquez, prosecutors said Caddle knew that Bratsenis had committed a murder in 1984.

Caddle hired the Bratsenis and Africa to kill Galdieri, the son of former State Sen. James Galdieri (D-Jersey City), in 2015.  Prosecutors say Caddle wanted Galdieri dead over a financial dispute.

Bratsenis and Africa fatally stabbed Galdieri, a one-time political operative and candidate for Jersey City councilman, and then set his apartment on fire.

Caddle and his wife have not paid rent on their Sandyston home since October 2022, and his landlords, Matthew and Karen Meenan, seek to evict him.   Superior Court Judge David Weaver has scheduled a trial on the eviction matter for March 28, six days after his scheduled sentencing on murder charges.

Vazquez allowed Caddle to attend his mother’s funeral services last Friday in Woodbridge.

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