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Superior Court Judge David Bauman. (Photo: NJ Globe).

Judge orders two voting machines opened to retrieve results in Manalapan

By David Wildstein, November 10 2022 12:50 pm

Election officials in Monmouth County have obtained a court order to open a pair of voting machines in Manalapan today after a poll worker failed to get results from Tuesday’s election.

Deputy Attorney General George Cohen said that the poll worker “inadvertently failed to get vote results” before the machine was sealed.

According to Cohen, the individual, who was not identified in a short court hearing today, removed two USB sticks before the voting machine before the uploading of results had been completed.  As a result, one included results and the other did not – and election officials can’t know which machine they have results from.

Superior Court Judge David Bauman is allowing the Monmouth County Superintendent of Elections to open the machines.

This is a fairly routine matter.  In New Jersey, a court order is required for election officials to open a machine during the fifteen days after the election.  One Democrat and one Republican will be present.

“The entire process will be bi-partisan,” Cohen told the judge.

It’s not immediately clear if the one Manalapan district will effect the outcome of the election.

There is one seat open for an unexpired term on the Manalapan-Englishtown Board of Education that will be decided by write-in votes after no candidate filed for the seat.  The Board of Elections is currently tallying those results.

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