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Deputy New Jersey Attorney General George N. Cohen. (Photo: David Wildstein via Zoom).

Judge allows ballot storage containers to be checked for missing ballots

Ballots from several Robbinsville, Princeton voting districts seemingly misplaced

By Joey Fox, November 10 2022 10:36 am

A Superior Court judge has granted a request from the Mercer County Board of Elections and Superintendent of Elections to open ballot storage containers in order to search for missing ballots in four voting districts, three in Princeton and one in Robbinsville.

Voting machines and storage compartments are impounded for 15 days following an election, something that can only be overridden by an order from the court.

“Out of an abundance of caution, the superintendent and board would like to go in to open all of the tabulator storage compartments … to ensure that any votes cast during the November 8, 2022 general election have been collected, to make sure none are still inadvertently left in those compartments,” Deputy Attorney General George Cohen said on behalf of the board and superintendent.

Judge William Anklowitz quickly approved the request, noting that it was a relatively routine matter.

The misplacement of the ballots, which could affect several school board races, follows from a broader glitch on Election Day in Mercer County that made voting machines across the county inoperable. Instead, voters in the county cast paper ballots, which were placed in secure storage bins and collected by teams of one Democrat and one Republican from the board of elections.

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