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Shrewsbury Mayor Ed Nolan dies

By David Wildstein, June 15 2020 11:57 am

Shrewsbury Township Mayor Edward P. Nolan, known for his attention to local government issues, died on Sunday evening.  He was 73.

Nolan was a former mayor and is the Democratic municipal chairman.

He was elected to his first term on the Shrewsbury Township Committee in 2009, defeating Republican Maryellen Bailly by 29 votes, which translated into a 55%-45% victory for the seat of outgoing Democrat LeRoi Jones.

Nolan was re-elected in 2012 with 77% of the vote against independent Oswald Maguire and with 54% in 2015 against Republican David Mazan.

His last win came in 2018 when he faced a rematch with Bailly and won with 67% of the vote.

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