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Lt. Governor Sheila Oliver. Photo by Kevin Sanders for the New Jersey Globe

Oliver declines to rule out drivers license extensions amid COVID-19 threat

By Nikita Biryukov, March 10 2020 2:50 pm

Lt. Gov. Sheila Oliver declined to rule out the extensions for those with expired drivers’ licenses to combat the threat posed by COVID-19 to residents waiting hours-long lines at Motor Vehicle Commission offices across the state.

“Every hour we’re surveying the area, and I am certain that if the commissioner of motor vehicles feels that that step needs to be taken, I’m sure she’ll make a recommendation,” Oliver said.

MVC offices around the state are facing long lines as a result of walk-in hours for residents wishing to obtain a real-ID.

The MVC is set to take real-ID walk-ins through March 20, though it’s possible that could change if the number of coronavirus cases in New Jersey spikes.

“At the corona task force, we’ve asked all of our commissioners to identify what type of waivers they feel would be important if we do see significant community spread,” Health Commissioner Judy Persichilli said.

Persichilli said community spread, where new cases emerge without an identifiable disease vector, is unlikely at this point.

The health commissioner was also not ready to recommend residents abstain from large gatherings, though it’s possible that will change in the coming weeks.

New Jersey saw its first coronavirus-related death Tuesday.

Oliver announced a 69-year-old man from Bergen County died of a heart attack shortly after a test found his presumptively positive for the virus earlier on Tuesday. He had a series of health problems, including emphysema, diabetes and hypertension, among others.

As of early Tuesday afternoon, 15 New Jersey residents, including the deceased, had tested presumptively positive for the virus.

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