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Alyana Alfaro Post. (Photo: Kevin Sanders for the New Jerey Globe).

Alfaro Post leaving Murphy staff to join PSEG

By David Wildstein, October 31 2022 12:51 pm

Alyana Alfaro Post is leaving her position as press secretary to Gov. Phil Murphy to take leadership post at PSEG, one of New Jersey’s top providers of gas and electric utilities.

A former reporter for Observer New Jersey, Alfaro Post joined the Murphy administration in January 2018 as deputy press secretary and then moved into the press secretary position in May 2019.

She will serve as the executive communications lead.

As part of Murphy’s senior staff for nearly five years,  Alfaro Post played a key role in positioning the governor to win re-election in 2021 – the first Democratic incumbent to do so in 44 years.

“Since day one of my Administration, Alyana has been a key member of my team and brought tremendous value to our work for the state of New Jersey,” Murphy said. “As a former journalist, Alyana has built relationships with the press founded on trust, respect, and a mutual best interest for the people of our state. Each day, she brought commitment, passion, and precision to her role and has been essential in communicating our values and vision to the public. Alyana will be missed greatly, but we wish her the best in this exciting chapter of her career.”

Her last day is November 2.  No replacement has been announced.

She departs with strong contacts with the New Jersey media and a reputation for integrity, fairness and tenacity.

“Alyana has earned the trust of both the Governor and the press corps, which is not an easy feat. She served the Murphy administration and the State of New Jersey with diligence, integrity, and grace through so many challenges, including throughout the Covid-19 pandemic,” said Dan Bryan, her predecessor.  “Though she will be deeply missed, I cannot be happier for her and her family as she moves on to the next stage of her career.”

Alfaro Post is expected to have more success at PSEG than Tom Moran, who left his post as an editorial writer for the Star-Ledger in 2008 to join the energy company.   After a short-lived tenure in the private sector, Moran soon returned to the newspaper business.

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