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George Floyd, who died in Minneapolis, Minnesota on May 25. 2020 after being pinned to the ground by a police officer who presser a knee into his neck. (Photo: Courtesy of the law offices of Ben Crump)

Statements on George Floyd Justice in Policing Act

By David Wildstein, March 03 2021 11:18 pm


“Our criminal justice system simply does not work for too many of our neighbors,” said Congressman Kim. “We’ve seen the impact of these deficiencies on communities of color across our country, and the deaths of George Floyd, Breonna Taylor, Ahmaud Arbery, and others have shown that we cannot wait to take action. Last year I conducted a series of listening sessions across my district. I heard from community groups and law enforcement personnel. These changes strengthen both. This bill helps to bring law enforcement closer to our communities to make them safer. That’s our goal, and that’s why I’m proud to have voted for this bill.


“When enshrined in law, the Justice in Policing Act will create the most comprehensive federal reform of law enforcement that have been passed in many decades.  We have engaged with stakeholders and approached this issue with both thoughtfulness and urgency. Any divide between our police and the public they are sworn to protect is unhealthy for public safety and untenable for democracy. Far from the absurd claim that it defunds police, this watershed bill provides needed reforms that can lead to systemic changes while making community policing better. Throughout my career I have sought to build bridges between people and their police. This legislation continues that hard work of making a better, safer America. Now that it has passed the House, I look forward to continuing to work with communities, colleagues and cops to finally enact a strong and smart police reform law.”


“One of the great disappointments of last session was that in a moment of national reckoning, Congress could not come together to address systemic racism in this country. I believe it is critical that Congress pass legislation that takes sensible, concrete action to improve training and reporting requirements, increases transparency and accountability, and ends the disparate treatment of Black and Brown Americans.

“We need to restore the faith and trust between law enforcement and communities across the country. I have met with our local police forces and with residents to talk about what is being done in New Jersey to improve policing and the work that remains. It is my hope that with the House passage of this legislation, we can find pathways forward with the United States Senate to ensure legislation is signed into law.”


“America has a serious and deadly problem when it comes to discriminatory policing and excessive force used against communities of color — and the scale and urgency of this crisis demands action by Congress.

“I applaud the swift consideration and passage of the George Floyd Justice in Policing Act by the House of Representatives, the second time in nine months the chamber has passed the bill. It’s a powerful sign that the momentum behind comprehensive policing reform is real and sustained.

“I’m also encouraged by conversations I’m having with Senators on both sides of the aisle, and I believe comprehensive policing reform is an issue that has and will attract bipartisan support. We will work to continue building a diverse coalition of support behind these reform efforts and advance policing reform through the Senate. The time for action is now.”


“I stand with my community and the millions of Americans marching and demanding action following last summer’s senseless murder of George Floyd, along with real, meaningful change to the American policing culture and an end to systemic racial injustices.  I’m honored to stand with the Biden-Harris Administration in support of this legislation and thank the Congressional Black Caucus for their leadership in advancing a bill that delivers the reforms needed to address systemic racism and save lives, while ensuring bad actors are held accountable.”

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