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Republican congressional candidate Hillery Brotschol. (Photo: Hillery Brotschol.)

Screenwriter will challenge Sherrill in ’22

Hillery Brotschol calls big tech ‘the single greatest threat to our democracy’

By David Wildstein, February 04 2021 10:08 am

Hillery Brotschol, a 29-year-old screenwriter and film producer from Parsippany, has filed a campaign committee to challenge Rep. Mikie Sherrill (D-Montclair) in New Jersey’s 11th district in 2022.

Brotschol says that “big tech is the single greatest domestic threat to our democracy.”

“Amazon, Google, Facebook, and Twitter are creating an Orwellian hellscape in which Americans are being constantly tracked and monitored,” Brotschol stated.  “Anti-trust laws must be employed to break big tech monopolies.”

As a congressional candidate, Brotschol is charting out a conservative course in a Republican-leaning district.

She says that school choice will fix racial disparity and injustice in a failing education system and criticized six-figure school superintendent salaries, low graduation rates in urban areas, and the per-student costs of public education in Newark.

Brotschol also criticized President Joe Biden’s ban on drilling on federal lands and revoking the Keystone pipeline permit.

“We must move towards zero emissions with renewable and sustainable energy, but to achieve that end we must rely on American-produced fossil fuels,” she said.

On her campaign website, Brotschol says she switched to the Republican party “after Democrats have seized power through division and the gulf that separates the left and right will only widen if the balance of power is not restored in Congress.”

Brotschol filed a campaign committee with the Federal Election Commission on January 28.

“I am running for office because I refuse to allow the people of the 11th district to be bullied into silence and submission by a Congress that does nothing but vilify those who dare to disagree,” she said.

Sherrill, a former U.S. Navy helicopter pilot and federal prosecutor, flipped the 11th district seat to the Democrats in 2018.

Re-elected by 29,150 votes in 2020, Sherrill was able to bank over $3 million, putting herself on a strong financial footing as she heads into congressional redistricting in the 2022 mid-term election.

She now has $3.13 million cash-on-hand.


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