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Nicholas Ferrara. (Photo: Nicholas Ferrara).

Realtor Nicholas Ferrara jumps into CD-3 Republican primary

By Joey Fox, January 31 2022 1:39 pm

Realtor and former attorney Nicholas Ferrara today entered the race for New Jersey’s 3rd congressional district, currently held by Rep. Andy Kim (D-Moorestown); he joins yacht manufacturer Bob Healey Jr. and gym owner Ian Smith in the Republican primary.

“I no longer can sit idly by as my district, state, and the entire country irrevocably transforms into a lawless mayhem, which is exactly why I chose to make a huge leap of faith and run for the Congress,” Ferrara said in a press release announcing his candidacy. “Rep. Andy Kim has continuously failed South Jersey voters and the immense trust they placed upon him.”

Ferrara added that, although he has not previously held elected office, his professional experience prepared him well for Congress.

“My experience working in law firms and real estate businesses helped me understand more than just the basics of our Constitutional Republic, such as: how the Legislative, Executive and Judicial branches function and operate and the jurisdiction of each; how laws are drafted, debated and, eventually, passed; and what our fundamental rights consist of as afforded by our Constitution and how they currently are being breached on an unprecedented scale by a tyrannical administration,” he said.

After Kim narrowly flipped the 3rd congressional district in 2018 and faced a competitive race in 2020, Republicans expected to once again target the district in 2022. The new map approved by the Congressional Redistricting Commission, however, turned the district from a swing seat into one that leans Democratic; President Joe Biden would have won it by around 14 points last year.

The release of the new map prompted several candidates, including Rev. Shawn Hyland, school board member Will Monk, and perennial candidate Tricia Flanagan, to either drop out of the race or switch districts. But Healey chose to continue running, and the more than $500,000 he has raised will make him a formidable primary opponent for Smith and Ferrara.

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