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Mayfield criticizes Inflation Reduction Act over restrictions on electric vehicle rebates

NJ-12 candidate says bill shows Watson Coleman’s ‘ineffectiveness’

By Joey Fox, August 22 2022 9:38 am

With the Inflation Reduction Act (IRA) now signed into law, one of the many provisions that will go into effect is a new electric vehicle (EV) rebate, designed to encourage Americans to buy more environmentally friendly cars. But the rebates come with a large number of caveats, something that has drawn the ire of 12th congressional district Republican nominee Darius Mayfield.

Mayfield said that, because of requirements that the car and its battery be assembled in North America, most EVs on the Chinese- and overseas-dominated market aren’t going to qualify for the full rebate. Indeed, according to NPR, the Alliance for Automotive Innovation has determined that no currently available EV would qualify for the full rebate, though partial rebates are also offered.

“[The IRA is] not about reducing costs. It’s about implementing the Green New Socialist Deal,” Mayfield said. “Ironically, it’s also hindering affordability of electric vehicles – the very ‘green’ item the Biden-Harris administration has been encouraging the public to buy.”

Mayfield, whose race against Rep. Bonnie Watson Coleman (D-Ewing) is not expected to be competitive, tied the issue to his opponent and said that he would do a better job at reading the fine print of complex legislation.

“All of this confusion about electric vehicles is a prime example of Representative Bonnie Watson Coleman’s ineffectiveness,” Mayfield said. “She blindly follows the hapless Biden-Harris administration instead of understanding the legislation she is signing.”

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