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Rep. Tom Malinowski, left, and Senate Minority Leader Tom Kean, Jr. (New Jersey Globe.)

Malinowski lead now at 10,751 over Kean in NJ-7

New ballots tabulated in Union, Essex counties

By David Wildstein, November 11 2020 4:25 pm

Democratic Rep. Tom Malinowski is now ahead by 10,751 votes over Republican Tom Kean after 2,689 more ballots were tallied in New Jersey’s 7th district on Wednesday.

Malinowski now leads Kean, 195,152 to 184,401, 51.4%-48.6% in a congressional race that remains too close to call.

Kean cut 747 votes off Malinowski’s lead as of last night.

The freshman Democratic congressman has watched a 28,412-vote election night plurality shrink on each of the last eight days, although his margin is still likely to keep him on a path to victory.

Union County added 2,293 more votes today, with Malinowski’s edge dropping there from 12,297 to 11,604.

Millburn, the lone Essex municipality in the 7th district, added 396 additional votes; Malinowski’s plurality there dropped from 3,703 to 3649.

Hunterdon, where there are less than 5,000 uncounted votes remaining, will not add more votes until Thursday.  Neither will Warren.

Somerset is expected to release their next batch of votes on Friday.

There are 21,279 uncounted ballots from the Morris portion of the 7th district

It’s still not clear how many more 7th district ballots are left in the other counties, but it could be as many as 40,000.

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