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Republican congressional candidate Robert Kovic. (Photo: Robert Kovic).

Despite being redistricted out of 11th, Kovic stays in race vs. Sherrill

By David Wildstein, December 29 2021 7:19 pm

Republican Robert Kovic, whose hometown of Sparta was moved into the 7th district under a map approved by the New Jersey Congressional Redistricting Commission last week, will continue his challenge Rep. Mikie Sherrill (D-Montclair) in the next-door 11th district.

“I did not move out of the district, the Democrats moved me out of the district by two blocks at a time when the momentum in this primary was swinging my way with endorsements from Richard Grenell and General Michael Flynn,” said Kovic.

A former local officeholder in Bergen County – he was a Democratic councilman in Ridgefield Park from 2004 to 2007 – Kovic is one of eight Republicans seeking the chance to take on Sherrill, a two-term congresswoman whose district became better after tiebreaker John E. Wallace, Jr. picked the Democratic map.

Kovic has touted two endorsements from top advisors to former President Donald Trump: Grennell, a former National Intelligence Director, and Flynn, a controversial former National Security Advisor who was pardoned by Trump last year after being charged with making false statements to the FBI.

“I announced my candidacy in June and this campaign has always been about ending the radical left’s march toward socialism.” Kovic added, “My parents fled a socialist nation to provide a better life for their family, I refuse to dishonor them by giving up the fight against the radical left’s socialist agenda.”

His statement today sought to link Sherrill to the far left.

“Congresswoman Sherill votes with Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and the rest of The Squad 91% of the time,” he said.  “Even after redistricting, the values of Sherill and her friends in The Squad are not the values of folks in the 11th.”

Kovic faces a field that doesn’t include any clear front runner.  So far, Kovic faces Morris County Commissioner Tayfun Selen, Morris County GOP State Committeeman Larry Casha, former gubernatorial candidate Phil Rizzo, former Assistant Passaic County Prosecutor Paul DeGroot, ex-RNC staffer Tom Toomey, screenwriter Hillery Brotschol, and realtor Patrick Quinn.

“Voters in the 11th want a member of Congress who will honor American greatness, not apologize for it. They want their children to be taught how to think, not what to think, they want medical freedom, not government mandates,” Kovic said. “Most importantly, voters in the 11th want a member of Congress who will defend the rights of the individual and always honor our Constitution and that is exactly what I will do in Washington.”


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