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(Photo: Monmouth County Clerk's Office.)

Women dominating N.J. vote-by-mail so far, analysis shows

White voters dominating VBM ballots in New Jersey

By David Wildstein, October 18 2020 6:24 pm

Women are returning their vote-by-mail ballots in New Jersey at a faster rate than men, 53% to 44%, according to a New Jersey Globe analysis of data supplied by TargetSmart.

Returned and recorded mail-in ballots are reflecting a disproportionate turnout among White voters: 79% of the electorate so far is White, 7% is Black, 6% is Hispanic, and 4% are Asian.

Of the women who had their VBM ballots marked as returned by election officials, 56% are Democrats and 22% are Republicans.   Among men, 47 are Democrats and 26% are Republicans.

The data used in this analysis is running about two days behind the actual numbers, but still reflects a consistent trend.  Additionally, voter registration data that includes race is not exact.

Among Black voters, more than 96% of returned vote-by-mail ballots are coming from Democrats.  Hispanic voter turnout is 87.5% Democratic and 8.5% Republican, and voters of Asian descent is at 75% Democratic and 15% Republican.

Democrats also have a 52%-39% advantage over Republicans on White voters who have returned their mail-in ballots.

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