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Online Voter Registration became a law in 2020. (Photo: Iowa Secretary of State.)

Voter registration deadline is May 18

By David Wildstein, May 17 2021 12:01 am

The deadline to register to vote in the June 8 Democratic and Republican primaries is Tuesday, May 18.

You can register to vote online by clicking HERE.  If you want to register by mail, click HERE, but that might be a bad idea: ballots must be received by county election officials by Tuesday.

Placing voter registration forms in a ballot drop box could produce uncertain results.  Some officials said they would process a voter registration form filed that but at least one county election officer said they would not.

Voter registration can also be done in person at the office of the county Commissioner of Registration or Superintendent of Election office.  Click HERE for a list.

State law requires county election offices to remain late for voter registration. Many municipal clerks will accept your voter registration form in person.

If you’re uncertain about your registration status, click HERE to check.

Voters who registered at the New Jersey Motor Vehicles Commission should most definitely check and confirm their registration, including party affiliation.  The current motor vehicles chief, Sue Fulton, has not yet repaired a year-old computer glitch that sometimes assigns the incorrect political party affiliation.  That could get fixed in the future, if the U.S. Senate confirms President Joe Biden’s nomination of Fulton as an Assistant U.S. Secretary of Defense.

Reminder to candidates and party leaders:  the deadline to file challengers for the primary election is next Tuesday, May 25.

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