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Gov. Phil Murphy, left. and former Assemblyman Jack Ciattarelli. (Photos: Kevin Sanders for the New Jersey Globe.)

Murphy leads Ciattarelli in Project Ready poll

By David Wildstein, June 02 2021 3:10 pm

Gov. Phil Murphy has a 11-point lead, 44%-33%, over Republican Jack Ciattarelli, according to a Project Ready poll reported exclusively by the New Jersey Globe.

With leaners, Murphy’s lead remains at 11-points, 47%-36%.

The poll uses New Jersey residents – not registered voters and not likely general election voters.

Murphy gets 88% of Democrats, while Ciattarelli is at 68% of Republicans.  Among New Jersey residents who consider themselves independents, Murphy leads Ciattarelli, 37%-21%.

New Jerseyans support the $2 trillion American Jobs Act by a 61%-36% margin, and the “For the People Act” to expand voting rights and reduce the influence of money in U.S. politics by a 63%-29% margin.

But New Jersey is less decisive when it comes to eliminating the U.S. Senate’s right to filibuster, with 50% of the state favoring reforms and 38% opposing it.

The Project Ready poll was conducted from May 15-20 by Change Research using Dynamic Online Sampling technology and SMS text messaging with a sample size of 1,215 New Jersey residents and a margin of error of +/- 3.9%.  The New Jersey Globe has reviewed the survey.

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