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Census Bureau to release local numbers on August 12

Results will launch congressional and legislative redistricting

By Joey Fox, August 05 2021 3:27 pm

The U.S. Census Bureau announced today that it plans on releasing local-level results of the 2020 Census – critical for congressional and legislative redistricting – on August 12, four days earlier than anticipated.

Acting Director of the Census Bureau Ron Jarmin, alongside several other officials from the agency, will host a news conference that day at 1 PM to discuss the results.

The Census Bureau released its state- and national-level data in April, which put New Jersey’s population at 9,288,994, a 5.7% increase from 2010. The state will hold steady at 12 congressional districts, unlike the neighboring states of New York and Pennsylvania, which both lost a seat.

Despite the lack of change in congressional apportionment, the upcoming local data will be key to determining how New Jersey redraws its legislative and congressional districts. 

The fight over the state’s federal redistricting is currently stuck in a stalemate, as Democrats and Republicans on the state’s Congressional Redistricting Commission cannot agree on a final member, and have punted the choice to the State Supreme Court.

Chief Justice Stuart Rabner, meanwhile, is still in the process of selecting the 11th member of the Legislative Apportionment Commission.   Rabner asked both parties for names by August 10, but the two parties will be submitting them by August 17. The names will go to retired Justice Stuart Pollock, who will tell the chief justice if there are any matches. 

The numbers to be released on August 12 will also include the population totals of the state’s 565 municipalities – notable among them Jersey City, which may dethrone Newark as the state’s largest city.

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