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Assemblyman Daniel Benson. (Photo: Assembly Majority Office).

Benson endorsed by New Jersey Working Families

By David Wildstein, February 09 2023 11:51 am

New Jersey Working Families is taking sides in the Democratic primary for Mercer County Executive, backing Assemblyman Dan Benson (D-Hamilton) for the post.

Benson is taking on the five-term incumbent, Brian Hughes.

“Dan Benson understands that county government should work for the people, not for the benefit of elected officials or well-connected special interests,” said Antoinette Miles, Political Director for the New Jersey Working Families party.  “We are proud to support him and look forward to seeing him lead the way on tackling Mercer County’s most pressing issues and making it a place where all County residents, no matter their zip code, can thrive.”

Megan Chambers, the co-Manager of the Laundry, Distribution & Food Service Joint Board, Workers United/SEIU and a Working Families board member, said that Benson “is consistently on the right side of worker’s issues.”

“Under his leadership, Mercer County will do a better job of protecting labor standards and making it a place where the local employers provide jobs with dignity,” she said.

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