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45% of all N.J. primary votes cast in advance of Election Day

VBM turnout up by 504% over 2018

By David Wildstein, June 14 2022 8:06 pm

One-third of all New Jerseyans who received a vote-by-mail ballot for the 2022 primary election returned it, with 282,753 total VBMS cast for the June 7 election to pick Democratic and Republican nominees, according to an analysis conducted by Ryan Dubicki of the Associated Press.

About 45% of all primary votes were cast in advance, with the rest coming on Election Day.

Statewide turnout is about 10%.

A total of 1,030 mail-in ballots legally arrived since close of business on June 6, the day before the primary.  An additional 603 arrived on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday, and just 242 more in advance on Monday, June 13, the last day late-arriving VBMs that are postmarked by 8 PM on Election Day.

This represents a 29.6% increase in vote-by-mail ballots over the 2021 primary and a 504% increase over the primary election in 2018.

A total of 20,230 early votes were cast on the Friday Saturday and Sunday before the election.  This was the first year early voting was utilized in primary elections.

Dubicki 14 June 2022
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