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Assemblyman Jamel Holley

Holley statement of legalization of marijuana

By David Wildstein, December 17 2020 2:17 pm


“The New Jersey Legislature has delivered the most progressive legislation in the nation regarding marijuana legalization, incorporating critical components of social justice and social equity that communities of color and others have been demanding for years.

“This is a defining moment in the history of our state, as we finally put an end to a failed ‘War on Drugs’ that has shattered the lives of many, forced into lengthy, senseless incarceration. Families have been destroyed; neighborhoods have suffered for generations.”

“Today, we begin to rebuild. This legislation serves as an opportunity to welcome many back into our community through expungements and the adjudication of minor drug offenses. I applaud my colleagues and Gov. Phil Murphy, who I know will quickly sign this bill for the sake of so many residents of this state.”

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