Winner Losers RAS BARAKA NJ.COM The Newark mayor gets the city council to pass a payroll tax exemption that sweetens the pot for Amazon to locate their new corporate headquarters in his city to the tune of $1 billion. The People Magazine of New Jersey loses page views with the announcement that Stormy Daniels has cancelled her appearance in Wayne. ANDRE SAYEGH STEPHANIE WOHLRAB The new mayor of Paterson

The Week Grewal was called ‘Turban Man’

  Winner Losers GURBIR GREWAL BOB HUGIN The Attorney General demonstrates excellence in his handling of a xenophobic slur by two now-suspended radio hosts at NJ 101.5. The GOP U.S. Senate candidate is getting beaten up for blocking women and gays from joining an exclusive Princeton University eating club. ANNE PATTERSON STEVE FULOP The Associate Justice of the New Jersey Supreme Court wins an easy confirmation for reappointment -- and

The Week of the Two Human Fundraising Machines

  Winner Losers JOSH GOTTHEIMER SCOTT GARRETT The human fundraising machine has $4.5 million cash on hand in his bid for a second term in Congress. The former New Jersey Congressman is the target of Rep. Bill Pascrell, who wants to cut his salary at the SEC to $1. MIKIE SHERRILL WILLIE SAMBOGNA The Democratic congressional candidate raised $1.9 million in the second quarter and has $2.9 million cash-on-hand in

The week Cuomo decided he hates Murphy

  Winner Losers BOB HUGIN ANDREW CUOMO The retired pharmaceutical company millionaire contributes $15.6 million to his U.S. Senate campaign and has $8.1 million cash-on-hand for his bid to oust Bob Menendez. The Democratic Governor of New York can't land the endorsement of the Democratic Governor of New Jersey for a Democratic primary. ANDY KIM SETH GROSSMAN The former Obama White House aide raised more than $1 million in the

The Week Christie Got a Gig

  Winner Losers WILLIAM SPEARMAN PUBLIC EMPLOYEE UNIONS The former Camden city councilman and veteran government official is the new Assemblyman from the 5th district, replacing Arthur Barclay. The U.S. Supreme Court's Janus decision is a potential game-changer amidst speculation that public employee union membership in New Jersey will go down.   JEANNINE LARUE BILL PASCRELL The longtime political strategist and executive is named one of the chairs of Trenton mayor-elect

The Week of the Quiet Car

  Winner Losers GEORGE NORCROSS ARTHUR BARCLAY The South Jersey Democratic leader raises $1.5 million for a Super PAC at an event honoring the Senate President. The Camden County Democrat resigns his Assembly seat after news broke that he had been arrested on domestic violence charges. RALPH CAPUTO CHRIS CHRISTIE The Democratic Assemblyman from Essex County looks like he's about to substantially enhance his retirement account. The former governor of

Special Edition: June 2018 Primary Election

  Special Edition: June 2018 Primary Election The Year of the Ground Game (Editor's Note: Most names are listed in alphabetical order.  For the most part, candidates who won an election are not listed as winners and those who were unsuccessful are not among the losers -- that kind of list would demonstrate a severe lack of creativity.  Instead, this list is about those who benefit or suffer because of

The Week Sweeney killed Ballantyne

  Winner Losers JOHN BARTLETT JOHN BALLANTYNE The Passaic County Freeholder burnished his bona fides as a rising Democratic star by welcoming a national figure, former Rep. and NJ native Barney Frank of “Dodd-Frank” financial regulation fame, to his fifth annual Champions Of Civil Rights dinner, raising nearly $50,000 in one night. The long-time party lawyer and organizer is strongly positioned in his 2018 re-election campaign, while still sitting on more than $200,000

The Week of “Those Things”

  Winner Losers TERESA RUIZ JAMES DEBBIE The Senate Education Committee chair got her pick for Newark Superintendent of Schools approved by the school board.  Her pick, Roger Leon, went into the weekend trailing Roger Gregory, but Ruiz ran a 48-hour campaign to make Leon the unanimous choice. The Mountainside borough administrator, under fire for his role in the Dildogate scandal, is exposed by NJ101.5 for being a double dipper.