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N.J. unaffiliateds continued registration rise in April

State added around 10k new voters overall

By Joey Fox, May 03 2022 2:30 pm

New Jersey’s voter rolls gained 10,566 new voters in April, rising from 6,422,136 voters to 6,432,702, with most of those gains driven by voters unaffiliated with any political party.

The number of unaffiliated voters rose by 9,065 over the course of the month, from 2,346,083 to 2,355,148. Republicans also increased their numbers, going from 1,486,005 voters to 1,488,424, while Democrats fell slightly from 2,508,895 to 2,508,001.

New Jersey Democrats have been able to say for years that they have more than a million more registered voters than Republicans, but if current trends continue, that may not last. And although Democrats will still have a huge numerical advantage regardless, last year’s gubernatorial election showed that there are certain scenarios where every vote counts.

The overall state electorate is 39.0% Democratic, 23.1% Republican, and 36.6% unaffiliated.

Last month, the New Jersey Secretary of State’s office standardized data collection and reporting methods across the state’s 21 counties, resulting in the apparent loss of 180,000 voters who had been improperly left on the rolls. That means it’s not possible to directly compare current numbers with any statistics from prior to March 2022, because there’s no way to tell which changes are genuine and which were caused by the state recalibration.

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