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N.J. added 12k new voters in December

March recalibration of voter rolls makes year-by-year comparison impossible

By Joey Fox, January 04 2023 4:12 pm

New Jersey’s voter rolls grew by another 11,946 in December 2022, increasing from 6,514,061 to 6,526,007, according to voter registration data released today by the New Jersey Division of Elections. As has been the case in all recent voter roll updates, unaffiliated voters accounted for most of the gains, but both Democrats and Republicans added new voters as well.

Registered Democrats remain the largest bloc in the state, growing by 2,061 in December from 2,532,844 to 2,534,905. Republicans grew by 2,184, from 1,528,001 to 1,530,185; unaffiliateds grew by 7,635, from 2,372,156 to 2,379,791.

Democrats make up 38.8% of the overall electorate, versus Republicans’ 23.4% and unaffiliateds’ 36.5%

With 2022 now over, it’s unfortunately impossible to compare the state’s rolls now to what they were at the beginning of last year, thanks to a recalibration in March 2022 that led to the removal of 180,000 voter registrations. Technically, the state has almost 65,000 fewer voter registrations now than it did in January 2022, but that’s not actually an indication the state has lost voters.

Even with the overhaul last year, a large number of inactive voters remain on the rolls, many of whom have likely moved or died. That means that although Democrats have a 1-million-voter advantage over Republicans on paper, their true advantage is probably smaller.

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